Order Information About IPO2U.com Products, Services, and Solutions Order Information Examples of Mi-Cards IPO2U.com Contact Information and mini-e800 Directory Mi-Card  Home Page www.ipo2u.com IPO2U.com offers solutions for businesses and business people world wide!

IPO2U.com was formally incorporated in 1999. It is a spin-off from Polytechnic University, with 6 years experience with Internet R&D.

We are located in Hawthorne, Katonah, New York City and Yorktown Heights, N.Y., neighboring high-tech companies like IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Sprint E|Solutions, Worldcom Data Center and Savvy Networks.

Our company focuses on innovative technologies and applications for e-commerce. We have developed proprietary solutions for merchants, companies and individuals to broaden their customer reach and improve their cost effectiveness in doing business. A number of products and services have been developed based on the philosophy of providing productivity enhancement tools for merchants. The Mi-Card (which you are witnessing), is one of the products for achieving successful marketing, sales, and customer relations.

Another product; e800, is a powerful concept offering cost effective ways for customers to communicate with merchants. e800 has all the benefits of a conventional 800 number, but at a much reduced cost, thanks to our technology. The e800 Directory (a mini version contained in this Mi-Card) allows customers to conveniently click and call listed business phone numbers from any Internet connected PC.

We welcome you to visit our website: www.ipo2u.com and our Press Releases to obtain more up-to-date information.