White Paper

List 3  On-line Scenario

  • E-marketing, web portals, web sites, banner ads, push and pull ads

  • E-retailing, virtual shopping malls, e-catalogs, on-line stores with shopping carts and credit card verification

  • On-line distanceless education, asynchronous and synchronous interactions

  • E-government, all kinds of on-line form processing, represented by tax filing, voting and many others

  • Real-time on-line news reporting with search support and instant audience feedback

  • On-line communication with chat room, Internet telephony, and short messaging (paging)

  • On-line auctioning and exchange of goods and services, electronic, computers, cars, insurance, loans and even real estates

  • Wireless and mobile Internet providing on-line access on the move, in the car, boat and airplane

  • E-mail, e-cards and e-photo making people go on-line daily