White Paper

 List 4  Benefits of Mi-Card in Comparison with Traditional Marketing Media

      1. Inexpensive to produce in comparison with printed brochures, catalogs, flyers and video
2. Inexpensive to distribute on-line (all digital) and off-line due to light weight and simple packaging
3. Always presented with updated and current information due to imbedded web page links (can be public or off-public pages)
4. Can be distributed in CD format inexpensively and maintained via Internet  web site or off-public web pages only accessible via Mi-Card
5. Containing communication tools and/or links to allow customers to make instant communication with the merchants. (for instance, try to click and call IPO2U.COM, Inc. by clicking the company name right at this minute and you will be speaking to a staff in IPO2U.COM
6. Can create a click and call telephone directory for your entire company and your business partners (refer to e800 directory in next section)
7. Can include a large i800 Directory (all 800 numbers listed) as a utility tool for  customers' convenience with no cost to offering business
8. Can include useful applications to increase even more the utility value of the Mi-Card. (for example, click to get a mortgage interest table or order forms)
9. Receivers of Mi-Card can save it on their PC as an icon and it is available for indefinite use; this will be the most persistent advertising medium exposed to the users daily (the more information and utility value you include the more reason for receivers to keep the Mi-Card on their PC or in their wallet)
10. Mi-Card produced in a credit card sized CD is a most portable impressive marketing material a company can present to potential customers
11. Can turn any business phone number into a world wide Internet accessible phone number like '800' numbers; you can create a mini e800 directory for any purpose