White Paper

List 6  Business Processes of Data Center Supported by Mi-Card and e800 Directory


  • The 'company' designs a Mi-Card as a marketing tool to reach potential customers

  • The content of the Mi-Card includes

    1. Why Businesses Need to Consider Web Hosting and/or Collocation? Graphics and statistics to show web is indispensable, its power to your customers and its power to your company and what are main concerns for maintaining a web site.
    2. Why the 'company' Offers Web Hosting and Collocation? Graphics to show the business revenue potential of the business and its importance to e-commerce.
    3. The 'company' Network Infrastructure - Pioneer and Superior in Internet and Networking. Graphical illustration of the network infrastructure and historical account of the investment and achievements of the 'company' network capability.
    4. The 'company' Data Centers - Security, Stability, Performance, Quality and Customer Satisfaction. Map diagram of geographic distribution of the 'company' data centers and illustrations of the 'company' technology innovations.
    5. The 'company' Products and Services Relevant to Web Hosting and Collocation - Rich and Proven. An overview of the 'company' and its business units with relevant links to the 'company' large web site on products and services and laced with callable name or phone number representing company staff and experts.
    6. Easy Steps for Engaging Web Hosting - Standard or Customized. Steps are illustrated and an electronic form is provided for customers to fill out which leads to a step by step process of engaging web hosting. Callable phone numbers are provided at each step for customer to inquire and monitor status.
    7. Smooth Procedures for Engaging Collocation - Time Managed Project. Procedures are illustrated and an electronic form is provided for customers to fill out which outlines a time line of steps involved in collocation. Callable phone numbers or names are provided for each step for customer to interact with.
    8. Glossary and Explanation of Relevant Technical and Business Terms - Educational for customers and employees. A useful resource with a number of experts names included for customers to call.
    9. e800 Directory Created for Customers' Convenience - Call & Talk to Experts. The purpose of this e800 Directory is to list all relevant company staff and experts for supporting the data center services. The customers will always be able to reach a person who is knowledgeable to deal with customers' concerns. The phone numbers of this directory are managed on a server hence substitutes can be dynamically made for any callable phone number. A special sub-directory is reserved on an off-public web page to include the customer's contact numbers or people names along with the 'company' engagement team's names and phone numbers. This subdirectory is maintained on the server accessible only by a particular customer and its engagement team via password control.

  • The potential customer reviews the Mi-Card and keeps it for its educational and usable value. (attract customers)

  • The customer uses the Mi-Card to call the 'company' and begin the engagement of business. (hot leads)

  • The customer and the 'company' staff use the Mi-Card and the e800 directory to keep communication open and to make smooth progress towards completing the engagement. (productivity tool)

  • The customer specific e800 directory is maintained for customer support purpose to provide satisfactory customer support. (post sale customer support)