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1. What is WITC? 
What can WITC offer their clients collectively
Who are WITC Members? On-line callable WITC Member Directory
4. Useful I800 Directory - On-line callable business 800 numbers

Related web sites
6. Value of this Mi-Card for WITC members and their customers
7. Product and service demo and order form - Example, College Planning
8. Disclaimers
9. Any Questions?

WITC Officers and Contacts

1. What is WITC?

A. General Information  - About WITC - Click to Visit Web Site

Join the Westchester Information Technology Cluster and succeed by:

  • Increasing revenues
  • Participating in joint sales leads
  • Getting group discounts on purchasing
  • Recruiting new employees
  • Working together as a cohesive, complementary skill sharing group
  • Improving the skills of your company in sales and technologies
  • Developing close ties with local colleges and universities

Look to a new type of organization (New, Virtual and Cooperative) and benefits:

  • Prospect Referrals
  • Recruitment assistance
  • Employment opportunities
  • Venture capital
  • Publicity
  • Credibility as part of WITC
  • Database participation and web site listing
  • Numerous educational cooperative training opportunities
  • Real estate counseling
  • Member advisory board

Who supports WITC ?

Andy Spano, 

"Our goal is 100% participation by
every IT company in Westchester" 

  • A collective board of private Information Technology businesses 
  • Westchester County Executive, IT Department, Economic Development Office
  • The Westchester County Association, Inc.
  • The Westchester County Economic Development Partnership, Inc.
  • Local colleges and universities

B. By-Laws  - Click to see the current full version

Article II Membership


The corporation shall have three classes of membership.

(a) Private Sector Membership. Private sector membership is limited to for-profit businesses that offer or sell primarily information technology products or services and whose principal place of business is physically located within Westchester County, New York. Each private sector member shall appoint one person as its representative to the corporation.

(b) Public Sector Membership. Westchester County shall be represented by the county’s Chief Information Officer and up to two representatives of the Westchester County Office of Economic Development. Each such representative shall be deemed to be a public sector member.

(c) Associate Membership. Associate membership is limited to businesses and other organizations that support, sustain and contribute to the viability and growth of information technology businesses in Westchester County but are not in the business of offering or selling information technology products or services, and whose principal place of business is physically located within Westchester County. Associate members may include, without limitation, professional service firms and technical and educational institutions accredited by New York State Board of Regents. Each associate member shall appoint one person as its representative to the corporation. Associate membership in the corporation may not exceed 25% of the entire membership.


Membership is annual and runs from the date each member joins. To renew its annual membership, each member must pay dues as established from time to time by the board of directors.


(a) Annual meetings of the members shall be held during the last calendar quarter of each year at such date and time as shall be designated from time to time by the board of directors and stated in the notice of the meeting, at which the members shall elect a board of directors and officers and transact such other business as may properly be brought before the meeting.

(b) Special meetings of the members, for any purpose or purposes, may be called by the Chairman of the Board or the President and shall be called by the Chairman of the Board or the President at the request in writing of a majority of the board of directors. Business transacted at any special meeting of members shall be limited to the purpose or purposes stated in the notice.


Notice of any meeting of the members shall be given by any means permitted by law to each member entitled to vote at such meeting at least ten days and not more than fifty days before the meeting. Notice of a meeting need not be given to any member who submits a signed and dated waiver of notice, in person or by proxy, whether before or after the meeting. The attendance of any member at a meeting, in person or by proxy, without protesting prior to the conclusion of the meeting the lack of notice, shall constitute a waiver of notice by such member.


(a) One third of all members shall constitute a quorum at a meeting of the members for the transaction of any business. If a quorum is not present at any meeting of the members, a majority of the members present may adjourn the meeting.

(b) Each member shall be entitled to one vote. All votes shall be taken by the membership as a whole, and not by class. Directors and officers shall be elected by plurality vote. Any other corporate action to be taken by vote of the members shall, except as otherwise required by law, be authorized by a majority of the votes cast at a meeting of members.


In the months preceding each annual meeting of the members, a nominating committee appointed by the Chairman of the Board or President shall propose to the board a new slate of directors and officers to serve following such annual meeting. The board’s selection of director and officer nominees shall be circulated to the members with the notice of the annual meeting. No other nominee may be presented at the annual meeting unless such nominee presents a written petition to the Secretary, signed by at least ten members or member representatives, at least sixty days before the annual meeting, in which event such nominee shall be included in the notice of the annual meeting.

2. What can WITC offer their clients collectively

"You have read that co-opetition is an effective way for companies to become more successful. Now is your chance to apply this principle. Learn how to compete more effectively by cooperating - even with competitors in areas where joint actions can benefit all."   Adam M. Brandenburger, Co-opetition Doubleday Publishers, 1997

Businesses around this country and the world will gain awareness of WITC through various marketing, public relations and promotional activities. Especially important will be a significant web presence, where all IT organizations will be listed with their skills and areas of expertise. By listing your company or by searching this capability-matching database, you will:

   1. Find local business partners with the skills, services and products to match your specific needs. You'll also avoid the problems associated with long-distance sourcing.

   2. Combine your company's skills with those of others so that you can participate in the kind of projects that would be impossible to secure if you acted alone.

   3. Create new business opportunities by showcasing your company's unique strengths to a wide range of new prospects. 

   4. Gain a well-publicized Internet presence for your firm, including a detailed company profile that includes product images and links to your own email and website.

Benefits of Joining WITC

  • Rich resources and multiple vendors to select from  
  • A team with Close collaborative parties can be organized for the client's project
  • Complimentary skills and specialists can be made available to the client
  • Faster development cycle and delivery
  • WITC reputation and peer pressure are behind the work and results
  • Quality and cost competitive to large companies with big overhead   

This Mi-Card Is a Calling Card for The Client to Contact Any Company in WITC. 

  • Callable I800 Directory and WITC E800 Directory included
  • CodecPhone calling software also included
  • CodecPhone is based on the calling software developed by IPO2U.COM
  • CodecPhone is used by college communities at Codecphone.com

3. Who Are WITC Members? On-line Callable WITC Member Directory

The WITC Member Directory features every member company with a profile. An introduction on every company and its company products and services can be found via an alphabetical search list or from the business categories or via a search engine. Every company's web site is also linked so you can always get the company's current information.

A. WITC e800 Directory, Click and Call Any Company and Speak to An Expert
The WITC e800 Directory is maintained to stay current all the time. If any phone number changes occur, simply send an email to IPO2U.COM and it will get corrected within 24 hours.
B. Members by Alphabetical Order
C. Members Grouped by Business Category
D. Search Members by Name 
E. WITC member profile - Example

i. Savvy Networks


  • Founded in 1997 by a team with deep roots in the LAN engineering business.
  • Specialize in TCP/IP & WAN Internetworking. 
  • Provides service and support to LAN integrators, ISPs and ASPs. 
  • Internet Services Group works closely with InterNAP, Verizon, Level3, UUNet, Applied Theory and Sprint to support a variety of colocation and server hosting solutions.
  • Offers a wide variety of services all designed to get your business up and running quickly and reliably.

With today's rapidly evolving technology, it's more important than ever to be on the cutting edge. Savvy can keep you plugged-in to the latest technology and provide the best services that will keep you ahead of your competition.

Take advantage of Savvy's expertise and experience to stay on top of your competition. Choose Savvy to manage and monitor your Internet operations and  enjoy stability in this increasingly volatile networking environment.

ii. Imagewok


  • ImageWork's mission is Replacing the Paper in PaperWork. We work with our clients to eliminate the burden of paper, and achieve productivity, efficiency, and cost savings!

  • Built on the belief that there is a better way to do business, ImageWork has spent nearly a decade providing government and corporate clients with secure, innovative, vendor-neutral document management and automated workflow solutions.

Focus on People, Not Technology

  • Change from paper to a reliance on digital documents requires the establishment of trust from the people. Within the enterprise, technology is forever changing; whereas, the people and their methods of work change much less frequent.

  • ImageWork's approach to services is to focus on the efficiencies new technology will garner for users and their business process, and to develop ways to protect the business records from ever-changing technology.


  • Consulting

  • Document Management

  • Web-based Document Management Services Provider

  • Document Conversion

  • Digital Preservation Center

iii. IPO2U.COM


  • IPO2U.COM, Inc. is an e-commerce solution provider with innovative
    products and services
  • e800 directory is a valuable service for a business community and its
    e-business, partners and customers
  • Mi-Card is an interactive and persistent marketing medium to reach and retain customers by offering customers personal communication satisfaction
  • IPO2U.COM's Advisory Board 
  • Our valuable partners : Sprint E|SolutionsCorstarTownsend; Exgen; Mwsearch
  • IPO2U.COM is a member of WITC


  • CORSTAR is an information technology company that provides consulting and system solution services to a wide variety of businesses and institutions for cabling, networking, decision support, document management, videoconferencing, computer systems, and website development.
  • The company has been a purveyor of information technology for over 30 years, having been started by three professionals from IBM, under the leadership of John F. Sitar, President.
  • CORSTAR is experienced in putting mixed vendor technology pieces together, having done so with mainframe, mini-computer and client/server-centric solutions, and now Internet websites. 
  • The company's clients encompass a wide variety of businesses and institutions — advertising, education, financial, libraries, manufacturing, wholesale distribution, utilities, etc. 
  • CORSTAR is staffed by information technology professionals and is aligned with technology partners such as Cisco, Compaq, IBM, HP, Microsoft, Oracle, etc., for the delivery of scaleable, high-availability solutions.

4. Useful I800 Directory - Thousands of On-line Callable Business 800 Numbers

Consumers and callers, all appreciate the usefulness of 800 numbers. The i800 directory provides you a directory of 800 numbers which you can simply click and call from this screen or from your computer using CodecPhone. The i800 directory is supported by a choice of commercial gateway or the IPO2U Operator software gateway. Installing this software gateway on any PC or server can turn the PC or server into a VoIP phone operator. The commercial gateway or IPO2U Phone Operator can be configured to accept and call any phone number. The IPO2U Operator can turn any local business phone number into an effective 800 number on the Internet without paying for expensive 800 number toll charges. 

This i800 Directory lists thousands of 800 numbers and they can be clicked and called and terminated by our gateway located at our data center. This is a useful business utility for commerce and e-commerce. You can also call some non 800 numbers listed in our e800 directory such as the WITC E800 Directory. There will be no costs to callers either, however, the merchants need to register their business numbers in the e800 directory. Enjoy your use of this i800 Directory and spread the word!

The i800 directory can be specifically constructed for WITC Mi-Card for WITC Clients to use. Sample directories are placed here

     CodecPhone I800 directory

5. Related Web Sites

WITC members list the following related web sites for their clients' convenience.

A. Westchestergov.org
B. Westchester Chamber of Commerce
C. Westchester Business Association

6. Value of This Mi-Card for WITC Members and Their Customers

This Mi-Card Is a Calling Card for The Client to Contact Any Company in WITC. 

The Mi-Card is an innovative concept creating an effective, interactive medium for marketing and sales. The Mi-Card takes advantage of computers and the Internet, and the technological advances to produce the most effective marketing, advertising, and sales tool for businesses to attract, retain, and conclude business transactions with customers.

The Mi-Card can provide marketing and advertising information laced with hyperlinks to always current web pages. Relevant contact information such as phone numbers and email can be included to facilitate instant contact by click and call or click and mail. For example, you can click sales at IPO2U.com to speak to a sales person right this minute. If you don't have the calling software on your PC, see below to find out how you can get it and how the Mi-Card can take advantage of that tool for you and your customers. 

What Are The Benefits of Mi-Card?
Mi-Card is a new concept with numerous advantages compared to the traditional
marketing and advertising media. The key benefits are:

  • Focused theme with 50MB multimedia content for easy reading, fast browsing and user sharing 
  • Inexpensive to produce in comparison with printed brochures, catalogs and flyers.
  • Always current information due to imbedded private web page links and updates via Internet web download.
  • Portable CD format most suitable for inexpensive distribution and easy and impressive demonstration in trade shows
  • Convenient communication tools and/or links (email, phone, form and chat) to allow customers to make instant communication with the merchants, try to click and call IPO2U.COM, Inc. the company created Mi-Card
  • Thousands of 800 numbers are made to be conveniently callable from PC and web page
  • Can include useful applications to increase even more the utility value of this Mi-Card, for example, click to get a mortgage interest table or a calendar or an amusing computer game
  • Receivers of Mi-Card will save it on their PC as a brand icon and it is available for indefinite use; this is the most persistent advertising medium exposed to the users daily
  • Unique Internet telephony software solution can convert any business phone number to a world wide Internet accessible 800 like phone number for PC to Phone or Web to Phone application without incurring the cost of a 800 number
  • A mini e800 directory can be created for your company for a particular purpose

7. Product and Service Demo and Order Form 

- Description of Customer Requirements
- Determining Quantities and Cost
- Execute the Order
- After we review your order, the Mi-Card Will Be Sent to You as soon as possible

- WITC member application
- IPO2U i800 Directory Registration Form
- CodecPhone Registration From
- College Planning Mi-Card Order Form

8. Disclaimers

Web Site Information Are Hard to Find, Difficult to Read and Often Poorly Maintained. This Mi-Card puts a marketing theme together with a TLC (tender loving care) process and supports marketing and sales with communication and transaction tools to shorten the business cycle. The information is kept accurate and current if the Mi-Card sponsor keeps up with updates with linked web pages. The Mi-Card can be more cost effective than any other marketing media so long the Mi-Card sponsor does a good job in producing the content.

The TLC process can only guarantee the accuracy of the information and contact numbers as maintained by the sponsor of this Mi-Card. The sponsor can request update of the contact numbers if they are listed on the e800 Directory by simply sending an email to IPO2U.COM.

9. Any Questions? Call Us by CodecPhone by Clicking Here 

- Email contact WITC office
- Contact IPO2U.COM concerning Mi-Card operation or order

10.  WITC Officers and Contacts


Mi-Card on WITC 
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Hawthorne, NY 10532
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