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What Is Mi-Card?

Internet Technologies + Low Cost Storage Media = Innovative Business Productivity Tool

Internet Technologies: e-mail, electronic form, short messaging, telephony and hypermedia links
Low Cost Storage Media: CD-ROM, CD-R, and DVD
Innovative Business Productivity Tool: Mi-Card

Mi-Card Is

  • An Interactive Information Card - Effective, Persistent and User Friendly

  • An Internet Calling Card - Active Directory, Click and Call from Anywhere via Internet

  • A Personal Interactive Name Card (PINC) - Impressive True "Calling Card" 

  • A Low-Cost Archive Card for Web Site - Time Stamped and Certified for Legal Purpose

Attributes: Lowest Cost/Byte, Multimedia and Web Compatible, Interactive Applications... 

Interactive Information Card for Promoting PR, marketing, advertising and sales

Examples -> 9-11 Memorial CD (browse web site at a lower speed), 529 College Savings

  • Large capacity of multimedia content for easy reading, fast browsing and user sharing

  • Cheaper than printed brochures, catalogs and flyers.

  • Up-to-date information via  imbedded web page links through Internet.

  • Portable CD, easy for distribution and demonstration in trade shows.

  • Communication tools and/or links (email, phone, form and chat) allow instant communication between customers and merchants

  • Any business phone number can be converted to a World Wide accessible 800-like number by  IPO2U Internet Telephony software solution

  • Persistent advertising medium exposed through user's PC daily

Internet Calling Card for calling 10,000 toll free numbers world-wide or specific directory

Examples -> i800 Directory, Downtown Business Calling Card Directory I  & II

  • Internet Telephony calling software provides toll free PC-Phone or Web- Phone calls 

  • Thousands of 800 numbers are conveniently callable from PCs and web pages

  • Business phone numbers can be organized into callable directories like toll free numbers

  • No or low cost to callers and receiving enterprise users

Personal Interactive Name Card for creating a lasting impression with calling feature

Examples -> PINC Is Personal and Private, For Illustrative Purpose See Mr. Clinton's PINC 

  • Personal contact information (email, phone and address) can be hidden but accessible

  • Your phone number can be called from anywhere in the World by friends or while traveling

  • PINC can be searched and managed on PC better than desktop index file

  • Useful applications representing your professional interest can be included, for example, mortgage table, event calendar, computer games, etc. 

Low-Cost Archive Card for archiving web site, business catalog, association directory ...

Examples -> Model Attractions

  • Sufficient capacity for capturing entire web site with time-stamping and certification

  • Easy access, distribution, storage and sharing among multiple users

  • Persistent medium, inexpensive reproduction and high speed retrieval  

  • Hyperlink provides easy access to cross references and pass/future archives

Mi-Card can be a telephone directory, game, trade show handout, customer relation binder, wedding or baby announcement, product brochure, recruiting package, advertising pamphlet, marketing  white paper, utility tool and many other applications.

Call Us  to discuss your needs, we can put together a solution for you within your budget.

The advantages are we have developed many useful components and utility tools  to be integrated into your Mi-Card to increase your Mi-Card's attraction and usability by your intended customers. 

Offer Promotional Benefits Through Mi-Card

Mi-Card sponsors may place your or third party promotional benefits on your sponsored Mi-Card. For example, discount for hotel and car rental or other value specific coupons. List this as a requirement in your Mi-Card specifications. Merchants who wish to have their promotional coupons placed on mass produced Mi-Cards,  please contact IPO2U.COM and register.

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