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Mi-Card is Ideal for Interactive Advertising
The Mi-Card is an innovative concept creating an effective, interactive medium for marketing, advertising and sales. The Mi-Card takes advantage of computers and the Internet, and their technological advances to produce the most cost-effective, persistent and pervasive marketing, advertising, and sales tool for businesses to attract, retain, and do business with customers.

Mathew Lombard, Department of Broadcasting, Temple University and Jennifer
Snyder-Duch, Communication Processes, University Wisconsin on Interactive

"Applying traditional models, designed for media that provide users with a passive, impersonal experience, will be unsuccessful for the new interactive digital media."

The Mi-Card has many applications, see the examples presented earlier.

The Benefits of Using Mi-Card
Mi-Card is a new concept with numerous advantages compared to the traditional marketing and advertising media. The key benefits are:

  • Magic information media with interactive communication and data processing capability for supporting e-commerce and e-business. The Most Cost Effective Medium. 
  • Focused theme with large capacity of multimedia content for easy reading, fast browsing and user sharing.
  • Inexpensive to produce/reproduce compared to printed brochures, catalogs and flyers.
  • Always current information due to imbedded private web page links and updates.
  • Portable CD format most suitable for inexpensive distribution and easy and impressive demonstration in trade shows.
  • Multiple convenient communication tools and/or links (email, phone, form, message and chat) to allow customers to make instant communication with the merchants.
  • Thousands of 800 numbers are made to be conveniently callable from PC and web page.
  • Industry specific useful applications to increase the utility value of the Mi-Card.
  • Receivers of Mi-Card will save it on their PC as a brand icon and it is available for indefinite use; this is the most persistent advertising medium exposed to the users daily.
  • Unique Internet telephony software solution can convert any business phone number to a world wide Internet accessible 800-like phone number for PC to Phone or Web to Phone application without incurring the cost of a 800 number.
  • Friendly Mi-Card Software available for creating and managing Mi-Cards. 
  • An e800 directory can be easily created for your company like the example below.
IPO2U.com Phone Directory
(Click & Call)
Sales and Marketing Office
Technical Department
Design Team

Personal Interactive Name Card (PINC)

  • Personal Mi-Card is called PINC (Personal Interactive Name Card) which is
    a name card sized CD pictured below (Obviously, this is only an illustrative example) 

Business Mi-Card can be made in almost any shape including the credit card

  • The Mi-Card cover can be printed by silkscreen or other methods to give the traditional name card information.. And what is inside is entirely up to your imagination. Click and call Internet Telephony is a standard component included in PINC.  PINC is "A True Calling Card". 
  • I800 Directory - A Valuable Utility is also a standard component included in PINC.

  • A silkscreen cover is shown below. 


Other Utility Tools for Mi-Card

Mi-Card Creator and Manager

MI-Card Software contains two modules, the Mi-Card Creator and the Mi-card Manager. These programs provide you step by step instructions and how to create your Mi-card and manage the Mi-Cards you created and/or received. If you have any questions about them, please contact Mi-Card development team ( info@ipo2u.com ) for more information and assistance.

Patent Pending

Patents on Mi-Card and Mi-Card Software are pending.