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Increasing Web Traffic & Archiving Web Content - Why What and Who Benefits?

It is a challenge to attract traffic to a commercial web site to achieve brand name recognition and sales volume. People resort to many different means to attract visitor traffic. There is a delicate balance to attract or trick visitors to browse and satisfy visitors for what they are interested in. Well, the problem is that the interests of potential web browsers are too broad and too dynamic to be well defined. Hence, through keyword submission to search engines or millions of emailing just do not necessarily bring the "Hot Prospects" to one's web site.  The Mi-Card is like a web site except richer, faster, theme focused, broader information scope than just product information to appeal to a broad audience. It is designed to be useful to the users so they will keep it permanently. The sponsor of the Mi-Card has the advantage to present the best image to  the audience through Mi-Card and attract the genuine "Hot Prospects" to communicate back with the sponsor and/or visit the sponsor's web sites. The Mi-Card can archive a special edition of a web site and use it to attract audience to the current web site. All businesses having web sites can take advantage of the Mi-Card technology and solution to reach out to customers and to generate business leads. If an organization is required by law to 'publish and disseminate' certain information, the organization can do it with Mi-Card not only cost effectively but also innovatively, for example to interact with information receivers via real time survey and feedback.  

The Benefits of Using Mi-Card
Mi-Card is a new concept with numerous advantages compared to the traditional marketing and advertising media. The key benefits are:

  • Focused theme with large capacity of multimedia content for easy reading, fast browsing and user sharing
  • Inexpensive to produce/reproduce compared to printed brochures, catalogs and flyers.
  • Always current information due to imbedded private web page links and updates.
  • Portable CD format most suitable for inexpensive distribution and easy and impressive demonstration in trade shows
  • Convenient communication tools and/or links (email, phone, form and chat) to allow customers to make instant communication with the merchants
  • Thousands of 800 numbers are made to be conveniently callable from PC and web page
  • Can include useful applications to increase even more the utility value of the Mi-Card.
  • Receivers of Mi-Card will save it on their PC as a brand icon and it is available for indefinite use; this is the most persistent advertising medium exposed to the users daily
  • Unique Internet telephony software solution can convert any business phone number to a world wide Internet accessible 800-like phone number for PC to Phone or Web to Phone application without incurring the cost of a 800 number
  • An e800 directory can be easily created for your company like the example below
IPO2U.com Phone Directory
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Sales and Marketing Office
Technical Department
Design Team
  • You can have your very own cover design supplied by you or designed by us. A silkscreen cover example is shown below. 


Other Utility Tools for Mi-Card