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These following different Mi-Cards are created for illustration purpose.  The contents are not necessarily factually accurate.  The Mi-Card on College Savings Plan is created by TLC Information Services for purchase. The others are not for sale. They are selected to demonstrate our clients marketing concepts amplified with our wonderful calling card feature to attract customers or bond business relationship. (Click Mi-Card)

  1. College Planning and Savings Plan  Created by TLC Information Services, creator of Medical World Search, for helping the public to understand the benefits of 529 and make the right investment for college education for their children and loved ones. Click to browse the outline and start college planning by ordering this interactive Mi-Card.
  2. CodecPhone.com  A community sharing seven free communication tools and services.
  3. MWSearch.com An intelligent Search engine for finding reliable medical information.
  4. Pace University Business, Arts and Sciences Education in Westchester and New York.
  5. Model Attractions An Internet service for matching modelling opportunities efficiently.
  6. New Born Memento An announcement album of a new born for generations to keep.
  7. Dream Cruise An advertising for a dream cruise with what-to, how-to and more.
  8. Ski Resort The best ski resort for the family in the eastern USA.
  9. LIBRIS League of Independent Book Retailer Insurance Services.
  10. WITC  Westchester IT Cluster.
  11. IBM  IBM e-Business Solution Guide for Decision Makers